Aug 03

What you should know …

Advertising on Link The Planet and or with the bloggers of Link The Planet is a pretty easy process. We want to make using Link The Planet for your blog advertising simple and as effective as we possibly can. We have bloggers that are expert writers and want to advertise for you and your business. With impartial writers and bloggers that will create a huge buzz for your business not to mention give you the best relevant linking possible. How can they do this …. ?

It’s simple!

To find a relevant website to link to your site, which creates the popularity you need to be number one, what you need is a website that contains content about your product, service, or website theme in general. When a Search Engine sends out their spiders to crawl your site and find links relevant to your site, they are looking for the content on the web that is original and contains links to your site. This is what our bloggers offer. Content relating to your website and links with key terms that you want a Search Engine to give you popularity for to rank you high on their pages.

For more information on how you can get your website popularity boost … Contact Us and one of the account representatives will respond to your questions within 24 hours.

At Link The Planet we strive to bend and twist to our customers needs and desires. If you have an off the wall special request .. this is the place for you!

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