Jul 02

Finally got sick of FireFox crashing on me and went to Google to find a new browser compatible with my MacBook. Ok so what is this Google Chrome that I am seeing everyone using? So after doing some reading I see that there are so many extensions for Chrome for everything you could imagine. I see as well that I can sync all of my Google Chrome information with my iPhone and my iMac. This puts smile on me face. 

So how much is Google Chrome? FREE. I like FREE … a lot. 

Downloading is a snap and only takes a second. (With high speed internet from your favorite provider or the one you don’t like so much) Installation was also easy but the only feature I can’t seem to find is how do I import all of my passwords and usernames to Chrome? I don’t want to have to go to FireFox every time I need a password that I can’t remember. What a pain in the back side that is going to be. 

Al in all Google did a fantastic job with Chrome. I should have downloaded this browser a while ago when I heard about how great Chrome was for my good friend Kraig. But I’m stubborn so had to wait till now!! 

If you want to get Google Chrome and start browsing the way you want to go to Google and type in “Google Chrome” and download Chrome for free … do it .. now. 

And for all you price hunters out there .. get the price finder extension you will love how easy finding the lowest price can be. 

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