About Link The Planet …

Well .. we are a host of sites that are trying to bring all the internet together .. bloggers and advertisers that is.

We have a whole host of services that we offer advertisers … Pod Cast Advertising on our PodCast Blog … Blogging on our Business Blog … our Home Page Blog that keeps you up to date on what is going on with bloggers and advertisers .. and the Link Directory where you can search for any type of blog in any category and let us know you want to do business with them. Oh yeah .. and the Forums where you can see the every day happenings and if you have questions get them answered FAST ….

We pride ourselves on keeping everything we do on the down low .. this means that we are going to keep your privacy PRIVATE .. no ifs and or buts about it!


You can have a blog to. If you would like to have your own blog like ours on our site .. we have made it possible for you. For Advertisers to have their own blog all you have to do is contact us and we will give you the details of how you to can have a blog … This is EXCITING!

Your Secret is safe with us.

We have a couple rules about our whole service ..


  1. There is no talking about Link The Planet

  2. There is no talking about Link The Planet

  3. Refer to Rule # 1 or # 2

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