Sep 04

We created Link The Planet and collaborated with a few other sites and bloggers to make Link The Planet a new entity in Blog Advertising. Link The Planet has gathered the greatest bloggers from across the globe and brought them all to one place, the Link The Planet Directory. These are great bloggers and they are very willing and able to help you get the word out about your websites and businesses in a big hurry.

If you are still in the dark about what bloggers can do for your business check it out for yourself. There are fantastic opportunities for bloggers to write about the things that matter most to your company. Having the ability to tell millions about a new product that you are going to release, getting the word out about a new service that your company is offering at the lowest price int he industry, this is where blogger can help you become a superstar.

Everyday there are websites that are taken down because no one has found them and the owners just decided to take the loss and close up the internet shop. Don’t let that happen to you. Not that it will if you don’t use bloggers to help get the word out about your site, but take a minute to think about how getting all the greatest bloggers to write about you and create links to your site, and how that will benefit you. Think about what the search engines are looking for to rank your site higher. Think about what dedicated blog readers will see when they read the articles that are written about you, and in turn write their own articles about your site.

Here is an example of how one blogger can influence another. Julie from wrote an article about her trip to Bonnie Springs. Michelle and Ern … of decided to read that post and created their own post about their own experience at Bonnie Springs. One blogger inspiring another blogger to write something about an experience they have had or about a site that is being portrayed in a post. This is the massive world of blogging.

Get the ball rolling on your blogging experience and talk to the bloggers of Link The Planet. They are here for you and ready to blog about you and your websites. Check out the Directory and contact the bloggers that have their sites listed there or contact us at and we will get the blog ball rolling for you.

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