Aug 07

So we decided that the sales for bloggers and advertisers was just taking too long and we wanted to make the deal a little sweater for the advertisers.

That said …

We want you to get the most out of the bloggers that we have available for you to advertise with. If you have a website then you know how important exposure is for your site. You want to drive as many people to your site as you can in the shortest amount of time possible. For a limited time we are going to offer you the chance to deal directly with the bloggers. Go to the directory and find the bloggers that you like the most. They are waiting for you and very ready to do business with you. You will find descriptions of the blogs so that you can make an educated discussion about the kind of writing styles and links that you will be having the bloggers review for you.

There are so many different writing styles that we are confident that you will find one or sixty that you would like to have blog about your website.

Some people are asking what this does for their website ranking. Well that is simple. The more incoming links you have from high ranking sites that have relevant content to your site the higher and more popular you become. It’s like college. You join a fraternity or sorority to make friends and life long connections to ensure your personal future. This is the same basic concept. Make your friends help you out by making you the most popular kid on the block.

Head over to the directory and find yourself a new friend. The more friends you have the more popular you become. Contact them and be sure to let your new friends know that you found them from Link The Planet. If you want to take the easy road and let us find your new friends … just let us know .. that is what we are here for .. !!

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