Aug 10

Bloggers get ready for the launch of the new directory. We are getting the code soon and we will be putting it up with our fingers crossed that nothing happens to the information we have in there already. So don’t kill me if we have to submit all over again. I will back everything up in the system and make sure I have everyones individual information for sponsored links in the directory BEFORE anything is done.

Thanks for being so patient with the new directory but hopefully when the new code is installed no one will have a problem with submitting their site and we can finally move on to bigger and better things.

Everyone is anxious to get the advertisers going and finding bloggers that they want todo business with. We have a bunch of bloggers already ready to go like horses out of the gate. Anxious as we are we don’t want to lose any information so this is going to be a carefully planned and executed move to the new php links code that we are going to use. The upgrade is supposed to fix all of the bugs with submission so we will see how this goes.

Again thanks everyone for being so patient … we want this just as bad as you do! I the meantime in between time .. feel free to get a free blog on us. Just go to the Blog site and click the FREE BLOG link at the top.

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