Jul 22

Thanks to everyone that is signing up in the Forums and submitting their blogs to the Directory. Currently there are 65 Blog Websites in the directory and we are still happy to take more.

In our Directory you will only find that best quality bloggers on the internet. The best authors to ever put fingers to keyboard. Link The Planet feels very excited for the future. Taking the Blogging for Cash advertising medium to another level.

A big huge thank you to everyone who is getting involved at the ground level of this great idea. It took us almost a year to decide what to do with the Link The Planet websites, but now that we have a set plan in motion, we are just ecstatic about the possibilities.

We have been able to take a little more time to read through some of the great blogs that are being submitted to the Directory and truly we have not seen this many great bloggers in one place since the Vegas Wedding!!

If there are any problems with the Directory, blame it on Ernie, he’s going to be doing the update to v3 of the Directory Software so if it gets messed up we have someone to throttle. We just like to blame everything on Ernie anyway so no matter what we have someone to pick on.

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