Jul 02

Finally got sick of FireFox crashing on me and went to Google to find a new browser compatible with my MacBook. Ok so what is this Google Chrome that I am seeing everyone using? So after doing some reading I see that there are so many extensions for Chrome for everything you could imagine. I see as well that I can sync all of my Google Chrome information with my iPhone and my iMac. This puts smile on me face. 

So how much is Google Chrome? FREE. I like FREE … a lot. 

Downloading is a snap and only takes a second. (With high speed internet from your favorite provider or the one you don’t like so much) Installation was also easy but the only feature I can’t seem to find is how do I import all of my passwords and usernames to Chrome? I don’t want to have to go to FireFox every time I need a password that I can’t remember. What a pain in the back side that is going to be. 

Al in all Google did a fantastic job with Chrome. I should have downloaded this browser a while ago when I heard about how great Chrome was for my good friend Kraig. But I’m stubborn so had to wait till now!! 

If you want to get Google Chrome and start browsing the way you want to go to Google and type in “Google Chrome” and download Chrome for free … do it .. now. 

And for all you price hunters out there .. get the price finder extension you will love how easy finding the lowest price can be. 

Jan 03

Finally after months of long negotiations and a ton of money … LINK THE PLANET is back in service.

A long time has passed since we have been able to write on Link The Planet and we are so happy that we finally have our site back. Time has passed and this truly is an amazing feat we have accomplished. So many things have happened in the months that we have been gone and we will be updating everything as soon as humanly possible.

Also …. Podcasts.LinkThePlanet is up and running again and we will be adding some new and very interesting content there as we have embarked on a entirely new adventure with some very close friends and family members. Every heard of Medical Cannabis? This is going to be some cutting edge content involving the means to an end for the Hemp Lovers of America. Stay Tuned ….

Mar 02

We are changing the website around a little. Well A LOT. There will be a new website coming soon that will have the video podcasts and some new features.


Aug 07

So we decided that the sales for bloggers and advertisers was just taking too long and we wanted to make the deal a little sweater for the advertisers.

That said …

We want you to get the most out of the bloggers that we have available for you to advertise with. If you have a website then you know how important exposure is for your site. You want to drive as many people to your site as you can in the shortest amount of time possible. For a limited time we are going to offer you the chance to deal directly with the bloggers. Go to the directory and find the bloggers that you like the most. They are waiting for you and very ready to do business with you. You will find descriptions of the blogs so that you can make an educated discussion about the kind of writing styles and links that you will be having the bloggers review for you.

There are so many different writing styles that we are confident that you will find one or sixty that you would like to have blog about your website.

Some people are asking what this does for their website ranking. Well that is simple. The more incoming links you have from high ranking sites that have relevant content to your site the higher and more popular you become. It’s like college. You join a fraternity or sorority to make friends and life long connections to ensure your personal future. This is the same basic concept. Make your friends help you out by making you the most popular kid on the block.

Head over to the directory and find yourself a new friend. The more friends you have the more popular you become. Contact them and be sure to let your new friends know that you found them from Link The Planet. If you want to take the easy road and let us find your new friends … just let us know .. that is what we are here for .. !!

Jul 12

Welcome to Link The Planet .. connecting Bloggers from around the world and in your neighborhood.

Welcome all .. Link The Planet was set up to help bloggers and advertisers find each other and create relationships outside of the normal blog arena.

We are dedicated to finding the best blogs and bloggers on the planet and bringing them all together. Blogging has done great things for the internet world and for the advertising world. Web Site owners and huge companies alike are seeing the benefits of bloggers and the help that a great blog can be for their online experience.

Blogging is not a new sport … we have been doing this for years. And we see the benefits of blogging on a daily basis. Days when a search engine would not look at a website they where seeing blogs.

If you are a blogger … please visit our Links Page and register your blog today. Advertisers are looking for you and this is where they will find your PR easily and effectively. Also SIGN UP on our Forum so that we can send you assignments as we get them.

Advertisers .. keep in mind that you are more than welcome to visit our links directory, and we will help you find the right bloggers for your individual needs. These bloggers have worked hard and put in many hours of work to create their individual blogs. Help them to help you!

Anonymity is always used at Link The Planet .. your secret is safe with us.

We are up to 63 so far for today … thanks everyone .. we’ll update this number daily.

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