Jul 25

We are giving them away …

FREE Word Press Blogs for you. Thats right you are not dreaming so no need to pinch yourself. We are offering a FREE Blog to anyone who wants one. It will be a part of the Link The Planet site like the ones you see already created on the left sidebar of this site.

You will get:

  1. A FREE install of WordPress

  2. Any Name you want as long as it is still available

  3. Your own administrator area of your blog

  4. Free installation of any WordPress Template

  5. A fully packed PING List

  6. All the freedom of use that Word Press Blogs have

All we require for the free blogs is that we have one Google link set of Ads on the site. They will be small in placed like the ones you see in 33 Chevy Masters. Not big at all. PLUS you can add your own Google Ads if you so choose. We will make all the files that you need to edit the site editable. And if you screw it up .. we will reinstall the page template or you so you can start all over.

This may be the easiest thing since breathing.

Check out the Blog for more information if this is not enough for you to make a decision about getting something for free!! Heck if you want even more we will through in a free version of PodPress to your free Word Press site. Just ask for it when you ask for the free blog.

** Blogs usually are set up the same day as requested. We are creating them manually for now until we get the automagical portion of the site done. **

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