Aug 04

Where do you see your sites standings in the war against Search Engines?

Every website store owner would like to see their site placing on the #1 position of all of the search engines. The most popular search engine is Yahoo and Google at a close second. Believe it or not .. it is true. Having your website seen by those that are looking for your products or services is important to the success of any online business.

Is your website worthy of a Positive Review?

I bet that your site is the best website you have ever seen. The layout is great and the products are the best thing since sliced bread. Understandingly each website owner should have the same answer to this question. They had this great online store built and payed a lot of money for their website and to have an online presence. Perhaps you built the site yourself and spent countless hours and late nights perfecting the look and inputing all the information. Keeping this in mind, a positive review may be in order, but is it necessary?

Is a Neutral Review of your website going to effect your sites rankings in a Positive or Negative way?

Either way you look at linking … your site is gaining a link from somewhere that is talking about your business and the practices of the business. If you business gains exposure from the online medium then you are gaining exposure period. A link is a link whether neutral, negative or positive writing follows. A neutral review of your site will probably contain more relevant terms than a negative post and will increase the readers will to want to read more and usually will increase good traffic to your site.

Will a Negative Review effect your ranking and or indexing in a Negative way?

In most cases yes, this is true. If a reader sees that something negative has been written about your business and your website store they will usually be hesitant about doing business with your company. However there is a catch 22 … Have you ever heard of the Radio Morning Show called Howard Stern? Why did his listeners who heard negative reviews and made negative statements make up over 50% of his daily listeners? They wanted to see what he would say next. Why where his listeners that made up the other half so intently listening and become huge fans of the show …. they wanted to see what he would say next.

No matter how you call it … a review of your site and your business will effect rankings depending on the linking that is involved. If you work backwards you must first figure out what you want to achieve. Top placement? Okay, what do you need for this? Good linking, many external links driving indexing spiders into your site. Popularity, how many of those links are from relevant sites! Traffic, lots and lots of traffic. From everywhere, anywhere, and keep them on your site clicking and shopping.

We are here to provide the linking popularity, great reviews, and traffic you are in need of to have your site ranked well. You can use the many free tools like Google Analytics, Alexa Traffic Ranking, Google Keyword Search, and many many more. You can find several tools to use for free at Rank Quest also. Their tools are all in one place at one site … very easy to use and extremely helpful in the battle with Search Engines.

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