Jul 26

If you are new to blogging here is some history.

Blogging is writing or keeping an online journal. There are many uses for blogs and anyone can create a blog in a short time. A blog is a website that you log into and post your rants and express yourself. Maybe you are one that talks about electronics or concerts, or you would like to keep an online diary … that is blogging.

Link The Planet offers FREE Blogs to anyone who would like to get started. All you have to do is Contact Ernie and he will hook you up. You can email him or message him or send him an email on gmail … linktheplanet@gmail.com.

He will be more than happy to talk to you about blogging and getting a FREE Blog on Link The Planet.

If you are a newbie to blogging here are a couple examples of what a blog looks like …

These are just examples of blogs and not necessarily related to Link The Planet in any way.

You can also browse around Word Press for more information on what a blog actually is. And if you decide you are ready to start blogging and want to get your FREE Blog from Link The Planet, then check out some of the Word Press Templates that are available … and remember once you get good at this blogging thing you might want to Learn Some HTML and maybe Learn Some CSS just in case you want to get crazy on the look of your blog.

Don’t feel overwhelmed with all this … we all started somewhere and we are all very good at blogging now. It doesn’t take very long to figure this out .. just be patient and if you get into trouble … we have a Forum that you can visit and ask all the questions to the moderators that you want .. they are there to help you out.

So … Good Luck and Happy Blogging.

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