Aug 03

What you should know …

Advertising on Link The Planet and or with the bloggers of Link The Planet is a pretty easy process. We want to make using Link The Planet for your blog advertising simple and as effective as we possibly can. We have bloggers that are expert writers and want to advertise for you and your business. With impartial writers and bloggers that will create a huge buzz for your business not to mention give you the best relevant linking possible. How can they do this …. ?

It’s simple!

To find a relevant website to link to your site, which creates the popularity you need to be number one, what you need is a website that contains content about your product, service, or website theme in general. When a Search Engine sends out their spiders to crawl your site and find links relevant to your site, they are looking for the content on the web that is original and contains links to your site. This is what our bloggers offer. Content relating to your website and links with key terms that you want a Search Engine to give you popularity for to rank you high on their pages.

For more information on how you can get your website popularity boost … Contact Us and one of the account representatives will respond to your questions within 24 hours.

At Link The Planet we strive to bend and twist to our customers needs and desires. If you have an off the wall special request .. this is the place for you!

Jul 26

If you are new to blogging here is some history.

Blogging is writing or keeping an online journal. There are many uses for blogs and anyone can create a blog in a short time. A blog is a website that you log into and post your rants and express yourself. Maybe you are one that talks about electronics or concerts, or you would like to keep an online diary … that is blogging.

Link The Planet offers FREE Blogs to anyone who would like to get started. All you have to do is Contact Ernie and he will hook you up. You can email him or message him or send him an email on gmail …

He will be more than happy to talk to you about blogging and getting a FREE Blog on Link The Planet.

If you are a newbie to blogging here are a couple examples of what a blog looks like …

These are just examples of blogs and not necessarily related to Link The Planet in any way.

You can also browse around Word Press for more information on what a blog actually is. And if you decide you are ready to start blogging and want to get your FREE Blog from Link The Planet, then check out some of the Word Press Templates that are available … and remember once you get good at this blogging thing you might want to Learn Some HTML and maybe Learn Some CSS just in case you want to get crazy on the look of your blog.

Don’t feel overwhelmed with all this … we all started somewhere and we are all very good at blogging now. It doesn’t take very long to figure this out .. just be patient and if you get into trouble … we have a Forum that you can visit and ask all the questions to the moderators that you want .. they are there to help you out.

So … Good Luck and Happy Blogging.

Jul 25

We are giving them away …

FREE Word Press Blogs for you. Thats right you are not dreaming so no need to pinch yourself. We are offering a FREE Blog to anyone who wants one. It will be a part of the Link The Planet site like the ones you see already created on the left sidebar of this site.

You will get:

  1. A FREE install of WordPress

  2. Any Name you want as long as it is still available

  3. Your own administrator area of your blog

  4. Free installation of any WordPress Template

  5. A fully packed PING List

  6. All the freedom of use that Word Press Blogs have

All we require for the free blogs is that we have one Google link set of Ads on the site. They will be small in placed like the ones you see in 33 Chevy Masters. Not big at all. PLUS you can add your own Google Ads if you so choose. We will make all the files that you need to edit the site editable. And if you screw it up .. we will reinstall the page template or you so you can start all over.

This may be the easiest thing since breathing.

Check out the Blog for more information if this is not enough for you to make a decision about getting something for free!! Heck if you want even more we will through in a free version of PodPress to your free Word Press site. Just ask for it when you ask for the free blog.

** Blogs usually are set up the same day as requested. We are creating them manually for now until we get the automagical portion of the site done. **

Jul 23

Link The Planet consists of several blogs a Directory and a Users Forum where we keep all of our users up to date. We offer advertising in several different mediums.You can advertise on Link The Planet within any of the blogs, this is a great way for you to reach our users with new and exciting products or services that you are currently offering as well as the public readers who visit our sites. We will write a post pertaining to your business so that you can increase your exposure.

PodCast advertising is a little different and we recommend the PodCast Advertising only for those of you who are looking for more of a Radio Advertisement type plug for your business. We create podcasts about everything and anything. Give us a subject and we will talk about it for you. In addition you will also get a write up about your PodCast.

The Directory … our directory is packed full with bloggers who are excited and motivated. They are the best writers on the internet today and are looking for great subjects to blog about. With high Page Ranks and Established Traffic, you would be doing your website a huge favor by advertising with our bloggers.

We will be creating a Forum for the Advertisers also so that you can stay up to date and request special treatment from our blogs and bloggers. If you would like to contact us, please respond to the email you received and be sure that your promotional code is within the reply.

Be sure and ask about how you can get your own Link The Planet blog right here in our community.

Then tell your friends how you got a FREE blog on Link The Planet!

Jul 22

Thanks to everyone that is signing up in the Forums and submitting their blogs to the Directory. Currently there are 65 Blog Websites in the directory and we are still happy to take more.

In our Directory you will only find that best quality bloggers on the internet. The best authors to ever put fingers to keyboard. Link The Planet feels very excited for the future. Taking the Blogging for Cash advertising medium to another level.

A big huge thank you to everyone who is getting involved at the ground level of this great idea. It took us almost a year to decide what to do with the Link The Planet websites, but now that we have a set plan in motion, we are just ecstatic about the possibilities.

We have been able to take a little more time to read through some of the great blogs that are being submitted to the Directory and truly we have not seen this many great bloggers in one place since the Vegas Wedding!!

If there are any problems with the Directory, blame it on Ernie, he’s going to be doing the update to v3 of the Directory Software so if it gets messed up we have someone to throttle. We just like to blame everything on Ernie anyway so no matter what we have someone to pick on.

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