Aug 24

There is a new blog opening up at Whirled Glass for glass blowers and suppliers. There are reviews and you can vote on the companies that are being reviewed. Whirled Glass has been around for a while now and the site is looking good. They also have a Directory that you can add your Glass Blowing Site to so that you are linking in with all the other Glass Blowers and Suppliers in your area.

The Whirled Glass Directory is setup be state and there are a few miscellaneous categories set up for those companies that are online stores only. If you are in a certain area of the country you can suggest your city as a sub category and they will get that up for you so that your site is indexed for your exact area. The site is trying to gather all of the glass blowers and suppliers in one place to make finding you easier for the Whirled Glass Readers.

Whirled Glass has the blog set up so that when they review a site they also leave it up to the readers to Rate Your Site or Business. This is nothing new as there are tons of sites that you can go on and Rate other sites. The unique thing about Whirled Glass is they are giving away Featured Links in the Directory to those sites that are rated the highest every month. This is an easy way for you to save $25 for a featured link. If you want to have them review your site simply drop the guys over at Whirled Glass an email and they will check you out then write about you. You can see the posts ans you will be gaining a link so don’t be shy.

Now is a good time to get into Whirled Glass while everything is still free. You can submit your site for free and you can get a review on the blog for free … they also have donations set up so if you like what you read help them out.

Whirled Glass Blog

Whirled Glass Directory

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